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What is the most expensive sound system?

What is the most expensive sound system?

For those music lovers who demand exceptional sound. For your pleasure, as well as for those around you, this collection has been created especially for you.

We have chosen the best of high-quality audio systems, each of which consists exclusively of unique premium speakers and base only on the best HIGH END av receiver, to please the most demanding music lovers with our unsurpassed sound.

Zeta Zero ORBITAL 360

The Orbital 360 is a very powerful and passive speaker. It is the world’s first ALL remote broadband HI-FI ribbon speaker. Because there is no need to sit at a single listening point in the room, listeners enjoy great freedom of movement and stereo music or high-quality cinematography even away from speakers.

They are therefore perfect speakers for high-end stereo and also advanced high-tech installations, such as 5.1, 7.1, 8.0, or ATMOS configurations, etc. The Orbital360 solution eliminates the dangerous acoustic directivity of an ordinary speaker and does not work Radiate energy in the form of a concentrated beam striking the ears of a listener like traditional solutions.What is the most expensive sound system?2


Avalon Acoustics introduced an extraordinary and inspiring musical masterpiece. This craft technological sculpture was created using elements that are rare in their strength and electrical properties: diamond, ceramics, gold, copper, platinum, and silver. We believe that you will see it breathtaking in visual beauty and unprecedented technical achievements.

A fully handcrafted tesseract in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies will be available exclusively through specially certified representatives of our distribution network in the Pacific, Europe, and the USA.

Lamborghini & IXOOST –ESAVOX

Lamborghini and high tech fans will be delighted. The Italian automaker has partnered with iXoost to design the iXoost Esavox Speaker.

A high-tech creation conceived as a Lamborghini exhaust. There is thus a monocoque carbon fiber chassis, a polymerized autoclave, as well as an exhaust pipe fitted with a bass control system.

A luxury enclosure assembled entirely by hand by the craftsmen of iXoost. The latter made a point of transcribing the Lamborghini symbols as closely as possible, like the hexagonal shape of the enclosure. A form that was close to the heart of Ferruccio Lamborghini.What is the most expensive sound system?

Bang & Olufsen –BEOLAB 90

It’s one thing to create the perfect sound in a room designed exclusively for this purpose. It’s quite another to create the perfect sound in a room designed to live in. Allowing unprecedented user control of acoustic performance, BeoLab 90 is perhaps the most advanced digital speaker in the world.

This truly intelligent speaker adapts its acoustic behavior according to each environment and each specific situation is based on innovative technologies.

Beneath its elegant exterior, the BeoLab 90 hides no less than 18 high-end speakers, 14 channels of ICEpower amplifiers, and four additional class D amplifiers, for a total of 8,200 watts of musical power and precision per speaker.

Each form meets a goal, each format corresponds to a function. Discover the pinnacle of functionalism.

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