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How do you make sound dampening panels?

How do you make sound dampening panels?

Soundproof panels are materials that block sound waves and prevent noise from leaving the room. Come into an empty room: steps, coughing, your own voice will echo through the room and even echo, they will be perfectly audible in neighboring rooms.

But it’s worth furnishing the room with furniture, laying a carpet on the floor and adding decorative finishes, as the echo disappears: soft materials drown out unnecessary sounds.

Building standards cannot keep up with acoustic conditions: builders provide only minimal sound insulation, which is not enough for modern apartments or offices.

Often, even good furniture and carpets on the floor cannot make the speakers comfortable enough.

You can make sound dampening panels. Acoustic panels are not only practical, but also beautiful. Therefore, they can be used together with or instead of decorative wall decoration.

Advantages of soundproof panels over decorative finishes

Small thickness

You can build your own acoustic panels. Acoustic panels do not hide the useful space of the room. They are thin and do not affect the size of the room, so these plates can be used in small and cramped rooms, without fear that they will become even smaller and cramped.

sound insulation boards

Light weight

It facilitates installation, and also due to the fact that the panels are lightweight, they can be mounted on thin partitions.


Each plate consists of several layers with different functions. The top layer is decorative; its task is to revitalize the interior. The next layer absorbs sounds, another one maintains optimal temperature conditions in the room.

Thanks to this, the finish does not rot, does not become moldy, does not deteriorate from changes in temperature and humidity.

Simple installation

Ease of installation of panels is a saving. No need to pay for expensive work. In addition, you do not have to deal with construction waste that remains after installation.

Preliminary preparation – puttying, cleaning, leveling the walls – are not mandatory conditions, although they will not be superfluous.

The breadth of choice

Soundproof boards may look like classic wallpaper, fabric, wood or vinyl. You can easily choose a design that is suitable for your interior.

Where can you use sound insulation boards?

Versatility is one of the advantages to make acoustic panels. They can even be used for interior decoration of the loggia and balcony. The dwellings are finished with panels: apartments and private houses. Since the material does not contain toxic components, it is suitable for decoration of a children’s room, as well as the premises of a kindergarten or school.

Plates are bought for hospitals and clinics, they are used in production shops and in warehouses. This type of finish is suitable for any room in which you need to reduce the noise level.

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