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What colors make a room look bigger?

What colors make a room look bigger?

One of the most effective resources to make a space look bigger is the use of colors to paint the walls. Some colors make a room look bigger. Usually, the colors are divided into two main groups: warm colors and cold colors.

The first, the tones that belong to the hot part of the chromatic circle, enlarge and bring the objects closer, giving you the illusion that they are larger and closer to you. That is, they make the spaces visually smaller.

On the contrary, cold colors dwarf and move objects away, creating the illusion that, in this case, the walls move away, make a room look bigger with paint colors.

So, cold colors and especially very light tones like the ones you will see next, that have a low saturation, will help us make a space, be it a bedroom, bathroom, living room or any other Stay, look bigger.

Standard blue with very low saturation

Within the blues, there are some shades of standard blue with very, very little saturation, perfect to make the spaces appear larger, like the one you can see above these lines.

If you like this shade of blue, the blue soul of Bruger’s color chart is the shade you need.

And if you combine it with white, you will also make the living room or bedroom brighter. You just have to look at the bedroom above these lines.
Standard blue with very low saturation

Grayish mallow with poor saturation

Another color that you can use to make the bedroom or any other space appear larger is a grayish lilac shade, which you can see in the bedroom above this paragraph.

An elegant, sophisticated and very bright color, which will achieve this effect.

Aquamarine green with low saturation

Naturally, green also belongs to the cold part of the chromatic circle and aquamarine green, a shade of green with blue pigmentation in poor saturation as you can see, is another very appropriate color to achieve the effect that the space seems larger.

Light aquamarine green

If the first aquamarine green you have seen seems too insubstantial, you can raise the saturation a bit without problem and use another shade a little more “powerful”, like the one you see above these lines, and also, will create the feeling that the Space seems bigger.Light aquamarine green


If the space, be it a living room, a bedroom, or any other room in the house is bright, then the white will make it more bright and spacious.

But be careful to choose color paint makes a room look bigger, if the room or space does not receive a good amount of natural light, that is to say it is a dark space, then this color does not work, since it has no light to reflect, it remains dull and sad.

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