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What is the Way to fix a broken drywall taped seam?

What is the Way to fix a broken drywall taped seam?

Cracked drywall seams are a common problem in both old and new homes. Fortunately, you can fix a broken drywall taped seam and it is easy to do. Drywall seams can crack for a number of reasons. They can occur because of a settling foundation.

Or, in the event that you reside in a region where there are extreme temperatures changes throughout the year, expansion and contraction of the house framing can cause cracked drywall seams.

They can also form if the drywall taping and mudding was done improperly or if there were insufficient drywall screws or nails used when installing the drywall panels.

Instructions of doing the same:

To fix cracked drywall tape seams use a utility knife to score a line over each end of the drywall tape in the affected area. Make sure the lines extend just beyond the cracked drywall seam. Then use your utility knife to lift up and remove the old drywall tape.

Cut a length of new drywall tape to replace the old drywall tape you just removed.

Using a drywall taping knife, apply all-purpose joint compound (mud) over the cracked drywall seam area.

Next, again using your drywall taping knife, imbed the new piece of drywall tape into the joint compound so that you cover the seam.

Use your drywall taping knife to fully work the tape into the joint compound, however be careful to not press the entire joint compound out from behind the tape. Otherwise the drywall tape will peel off of the seam in short order.

Put on a skinny coat of joint compound above the drywall tape and then let the seam dry. You do not have to be perfect at this point, as you will be sanding the seam and applying additional skim coats of joint compound later on.

After applying the first coat of mud, you’ve completed the first stage in fixing a cracked drywall seam.

After the seam has dried, use sand paper or a drywall screen and lightly sand over the edges and surface of the repaired drywall seam. Basically you want to repair cracked drywall taped seams and remove any high ridges on the seam.

Next, apply another coat of mud over the drywall taped seam, however this time flare it out some inches on any of side of the seam.

You want to begin blending in the repaired drywall seam into the surrounding wall area. Again, let this second coat of mud dry.

After the second coat of mud has dried, again lightly sand over the edges and any ridges, and then apply one final coat of mud.

Again, this time spread the seam out another couple of inches wider. Let this coat fully dry and then lightly sand one last time.

For the final stage of fixing a cracked drywall seam apply a primer and then paint over the seam.

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