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Soundproofing a Room Without Damping the Walls

Soundproofing a Room Without Damping the Walls

Few things are so annoying and desperate, like arriving at the end of the day, after a hard day, and not being able to rest due to the noise of the neighbors.

Unfortunately, this is a more common situation than it should be, due in part to several factors:

  • Quality of the materials used in the construction of dividing walls
  • Bad execution of the partitions leaving acoustic bridges and other noise transmission points
  • High level of noise generated by neighbors

Because one thing is not being able to sleep well one night, for whatever reason, but when this happens one day, and another, and another and it is something that becomes habitual, our body responds with irascibility, nervousness, tiredness.

Since sleeping is something fundamental, not only to be rested, but for the proper functioning of our entire body.

soundproof with decor

For this motive it is vital having a soundproof room, without noise, where you can rest so that our whole body rests and be able to face the next day with energy.

But regrettably this happens not to be always probable due to the noises that do not let you sleep.

The laying of rock wool plates

In the form of a 4 x 1 plate (4 cm of rock wool and 1 cm of BA13) of 2.50 x 1.20 m, these plates protect from noise. They are easy to install since they stick together using sticky mortar. In addition to sound insulation, they will make your wall look like new after the paint job.

Soundproof with decor

Make your walls works of art by mixing carpet, rugs and egg boxes. For a generally affordable cost, these options to soundproof a room without damaging walls allow you to absorb sounds and immerse yourself in a bubble.

Do not forget the rugs: choose them rather soft to soften the sounds. Also think of the curtains: if they are thick, they can muffle outside noise, and thus protect you from noise pollution in the neighborhood.

soundproofing a room

The furniture

You may not have known it, but the furniture allows you to soundproof a room. In a bedroom for example, investing in a large wardrobe or in a dressing room will soundproof the wall concerned.

In a living room, opt for high furniture in the style of bookcases or storage boxes. Not only is it very practical, it is also very trendy and really useful when you want to create a border with noise.

Double a wall

If your budget and the size of the room allow it, it is possible to acoustically isolate a room by mounting another wall that too soundproofing walls without removing drywall.

Care should be taken to slip soundproofing material in the middle (glass wool, etc.). Admittedly, this requires a little more elbow grease, adding soundproofing to existing walls but the result is worth it.

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